"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"



The Doctor & Clara ~ Time Heist x

But you will remember me for centuries… 

I ship the doctor with happiness

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me: i’m gonna live my life to the fullest!
me: watches 17 episodes of a tv series in a row


can I ship clara and 12 cuz im gonna 

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clara sitting up all night marking essays and arriving at school early to perfect her educational wall displays.

clara stomping purposefully across the playground towards some ratbag year 9 who has been bullying an awkward year 7.

clara not being able to work the overhead projector.

clara in the cupboard weeping silently because she’s stressed about an impending ofsted inspection.

clara doing a memorable turn as kate bush at the annual teacher talent show.

clara not rubbing all the chalk off the chalkboard properly.

clara sitting on the grass round the back of school with the naughtiest kid in school while he cries about his home life.

clara being the only person the girl who got pregnant in year 10 could ask for help.

clara on results day.

clara signing leaving tshirts and secretly joining the sixth formers for a fag out by the bins on their last day of school.

clara shakily reading a poem at the memorial assembly of a teacher who has passed away.

clara being the reason you passed your exams, the reason you have the job you love, the reason you first read your favourite book.

protect teacher clara at all costs.

Clara Oswald + Being Cute

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